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The S.B.C.E. B.Ed College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar is run by BABA GARIBNATH EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY. It was established on 20th March 2012. It is recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) and affiliated to B.R.A. Bihar University.

The college would conform to the norms set by National Council for Teachers Education in every aspect. The medium of instruction would be english and hindi. The college would also provide basic personality development course to the trainees and, this would make them a perfect teacher.


-> To ensure that the youth gets adequate opportunities to identify and develop their skills and potentials.
-> To produce intellectual capital in term of research output, transfer of knowledge and technology oriented attitude to land in the field of education.
-> To enable prospective teachers to understand the inter-disciplinary nature of educational theory and practice and its incorporation in teacher education.
-> To prepare individual for independent learning to develop reference skills, critical thinking, conceptualization and self evaluation of their own progress.
-> To enable prospective teacher to realize diverse need of students and give respect to equity.
-> TO prepare the prospective teachers for self development and advancement in their field.
-> To mould individuals into integrated personalities who are competent, spiritually mature, physically strong and socially sensitive.
-> To help them build happy and healthy school and community relationship and promote interest in life long learning.
-> To develop feeling of love for Indian culture and strengthen a sense of national pride and identity among the prospective teachers.
-> To create among them the awareness of environmental protection and need to maintain ecological balance.
-> TO prepare them for inculcation of values and develop sense of citizenship.
-> To enable the prospective teachers to inculcate dignity and morality in work and produce work culture among their students.
-> To empower them to prepare fully professionally competent, committed and reflective teachers for secondary and senior secondary school education.
-> To enable them to develop the teaching competencies and performance skill for the subjects they have to teach, using appropriate aids including ICT.
-> To provide among them the capacity to think problem solving attitude, capacity to undertake action research and research.

  • Our Affiliation & Recognition

    SAI BABA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Muzaffarpur is recognized by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) and affiliated to B.R.A. Bihar University. (Download affiliation document)

  • B.G.N.E.S. Authorities

    • Chairman - Uma Shankar
    • Secretary - Asha Devi
    • Finance Head - Kakul Gupta
    • Member - Manish Kumar
    • Member - Alok Kumar
    • Member - Mamta Gupta
    • Member - Arvind Kumar Morya